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  Mons-seleucus 1.0,
publication Mars 2011.

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 Links to other sites, associations, professionals...

Our village, La Bâtie Montsaléon, which supports us and lends us room, furniture, electrical line and wifi during our different events.

Heritage associations

- The departmental association for the protection of the Buëch country and the Baronnies
(L'association Départementale de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine du Pays du Buëch et des Baronnies)
which, among other things, edits a quaterly letter to heritage lovers, which organises travels, visits, lectures, and Memory Texts workshops (presentation of ancient writings by M. Faure in La Bâtie).
Phone and fax number: 04 92 67 04 70  Mail

- 'Maison Usher' Association

which aims at 'bringing together the different skills of persons specialised in enhancing the local heritage, in order to pass them on to a varied public in many different ways'.
Maison Usher has helped us, passing their knowledge of landscape reading on to us, through one of their lecturing guides, Gabriel Carnevalé. Website:

Entertainment  professionals
- ' Pile ou Versa', theatre company.
Settled in Laragne, 'Pile ou Versa' is an important partner in our and cultural events.
Their big top is quite convenient in such a little village as La Bâtie Monsaléon, to welcome music bands, theatre companies, storytellers, to project films, or to organise various workshops.
The company actively participates in the events  they create with maestria.


- ' Editions du Büech'.

Settled in Chabestan, a neighbouring village, 'Les Editions du Büech', partner of Mons Seleucus Friends, helped us to create this site freely, editing a book in the wake of our first edition and attending our board of directors.

Tourism professionals

Serres and Veynes tourist information centres sell our books and support our various events.

Gap Archives

INRA (Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques préventives
National Institute for preventive archaeological research).

To contact us

05700 La Batie-Montsaléon
Tel : 06 31 61 48 24



La Bâtie Montsaléon
06 31 61 48 24