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  Mons-seleucus EN 1.0,
publication Octobre 2012.
 The Association

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Mons Seleucus Friends

"Mons Seleucus Friends" association was created in Autumn 2000 to support the archaeological mission implemented by the council, in order to show  the deciding people that Mons Seleucus was still alive, and to be present when all the decisions concerning the site would be taken.
Festivals, travels, meetings and conferences are the major activities of the association. It organises events lasting several days (as the 2004 comemoration of the bicentenary of Préfet Ladoucette's 1804 excavations, or Gods' Carnival in 2009).


For several years the association  has organised cultural one-day trips on sites and in museums:
- Quinson museum of Prehistory
- Vaison la romaine Gallo-roman site and museum
- St Romain en gal Gallo-roman site and museum
- Arles museum of Antiquity, exhibiting 'Caesar, the Rhône as memory, 20 years of digging in the river in Arles'.


- Explanatory commentary of the article published in La Narbonaise, "La Bâtie Montsaléon, Mons Seleucus, a Gallo-roman vicus and a    sanctuary in the Haut Buëch, Hautes Alpes", by Maxence SEGARD.
- Setting Mons seleucus in the general historical context.
- Reading of the painting "Adoration of the Shepherds" (Guillaume de Grèves) by Chantal Duqueroux in La Batie church.
- "Roman ways" by Yves Chevallier and Jean Cointe.
- Landscape interpretation of La Bâtie Montsaléon and its site by Gabriel Carnevalé from Maison Usher.
- Reading of ancient frescoes by Chantal Duqueroux.


2001 MS
Participating in 'Hannibal's journey' ('Le périple d'Hannibal')
by ' Pile ou Versa'.

2004 asso

Celebrating the bicentenary  of the excavations undertaken by Prefect Ladoucette.
- Gallo-roman meal and musical atmosphere.
- Riddle games on the strong points of the Buëch countries, the first prize being a journey to Pompeï.
- Artistic exhibition with prizes, on the theme of Antiquity, held in different cellars or sheds lent by the Mons Seleucians and designed to anyone willing to present their work (drawing, painting, sculpture, writing).
- Excavation workshop in sandboxes.
- Artistic workshop aiming at a collective creation supervised by professionals.
- Outdoor projection of documentaries on archaeological themes.



- Participating in 'Children's books Spring ' ('Printemps du livre jeunesse') in Veynes. This annual event around  books which has been held for 15 years, was about Antiquity in 2008. The association presented large photos of objects discovered on the site, illustrations from the book, a Gallo-roman cooking workshop, and tales for nursery and primary schools.
- Presenting the book 'When the Buëch was Roman' ('Quand le Buëch était romain') by Anne-Marie Rosique, Annick Vargoz and Pike, in August 2008. (children's games, tales, mask workshops, musical bar and Mons Seleucus exhibition).

2009  carnaval
'MONS SELEUCUS, Gods' Carnival' (Le Carnaval des Dieux)
During one week, culture mixed with festivity thanks to '
Pile ou Versa, a theatre company. With their marquee standing at the core of the village, they offerered different activities such as theatre workshops, mask games, musical instrument making, creation of metal monsters and costumes, a daily production of tv commercials, singing "aperos" and evening shows (tales, concerts, theatre, circus...).

Not to forget conferences, workshops, stalls and a forum.

...and on Saturday, an extraordinary carnival, a circus show,
some  music and a flamboyant final.


- in 2004, a booklet on Mons Seleucus  was written and freely distributed by the association.
- for the 2004 event, at the request of many participants, the association pondered on finding  the means to put at everybody's disposal,  the specific knowledge concerning Mons Seleucus site. A book was published in 2006 by Mons Seleucus  Friends, displaying writings, photos of the uncovered artifacts, and Mons Seleucus in its own time, together with a fiction allowing to link history and legend.
Today, in 2011, the association has decided to create a website so that knowledge about the historical site can be shared by the largest number of people.
- Following the publication of our book, Olivier Dalmon, who was responsible for the artwork, and the page layout with Anne Stumpfel, had the idea, in Autumn 2007, of reshaping the story of the two childre, which formed what we called 'the red thread'. Through his company "Impressions du Buëch", he thus edited a new  book for children, "When the Buëch was Roman", illustrated by Pike, a professional illustrator working in "Buëch Mag".

Archives & Links

- Le Carnaval des dieux/ blog


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