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  Mons-seleucus EN 1.0,
publication Octobre 2012.
 Association and Site News

On this page, you will find the latest discoveries made on Mons Seleucus site, during geophysical or preventive excavations.
We hope to always go further in the knowledge and representation of this amazing site and
that one day, it will be possible to bring to light site parts which have never been explored, as the great temple, for example.

Cultural Vocontian buildings in La Bâtie Montsaléon
In Spring 2010, following  a planning application, the Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP, Institut de Recherches en Archéologie Préventive) undertook preventive excavations on a 2000 m2 land in Lachaud plain.
At the end, a door open day was organised within the framework of the National Archeological Days, with Mons Seleucus Association and the visit of the two learned societies from the two Alpine departments.
In May 2011, the results of the excavations were exhibited in La Bâtie Montsaléon by Lucas Martin, who had been in charge of the work.

The location of the land is shown by the arrow.

3 fanums (Gallo-roman temples) were uncovered,
which emphasised the hypothesis of a cultural town dating from 50 BC up to 395 AD.

The building of the peribolos caused the modification of the back wall of the fanum B around 50 AD.

In the pits around Fanum B, some column bases show  slight traces of elevation.

Fanum C: a third fanum at the edge of the parcel which will have to be excavated.

The "living" area : several buildings dating back to the late 1st and 2nd century, inhabited until the late 5th century.

Restored material : metal

Oil lamps.

350 coins

Gallic coins

Roman coins (Julio-Claudian female busts, 1st and 2nd century coins, 193 to 395 ADcoins)

At the entry of the fanumB, some votive objects (or favissa) from the middle of the 1st c AD.


Tinkle bell

Site plan
, 2000 m2  land

In red: the 3 fanums (one of which having its largest part on another land)
and the peribolos of the new street which was built later on.


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